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Comments from Fred Mills:
"If ever there were a 10-star pop (“psych”-, “power”- or otherwise) album this year, Late Music just may be the one. Critical hype? Nope — it’s that jawdroppingly good. In a glorious wash of lush guitar-keyboard interplay, USDA grade-A percussion and intricate vocal harmonies, Diken and DiBella effortlessly summon images of classic British Invasion (Who, Zombies, Move) and its mid-‘60s SoCal analogue (Beach Boys, Byrds, Love). And it’s not like they’re self-consciously aiming for a vintage vibe, either; listening to the record all the way through, the impression you come away with is these guys simply dream in Technicolor and this is the soundtrack to those dreams."

Fred Mills Blurt Magazine
WFMU DJ Irwin writes:
"Listening now. What a fabulous album. Every song is a gem. The highest tribute I can pay is that this album is TOO GOOD for any major label.

Congrats on knowing what makes pop music magical.

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